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CABERNET BLANC, 2017 – World Champion among White dry still wines

17. 4. 2018

"To be awarded the title of World Champion on the oldest existing wine competition is something extraordinary and winning it on the 60th anniversary of Vino Ljubljana makes it even more special. The level of the competition is tremendous and it is a great honor for us, to be selected by such an esteemed panel of judges," said Josef Valihrach, jr. from Vinařství Josef Valihrach,s.r.o., Czech Republic.

"We really appreciate the fact that we have achieved this success with a relatively new variety. Cabernet blanc is one of our favourite grape varieties. It was bred as a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and unnamed Resistenzpartner by Swiss professor Valentin Blattner in the 1990s, but it is still very rare. Our Cabernet blancs are very pleasantly aromatic, with noticable grassy tones and often with a hint of gooseberry, but the body is still very well rounded and the Cabernet heritage is still evident. Cabernet bl anc is suited for the still dry wines but it is also extremely-well suited for a very refreshing sparkling wine, which we enjoy making as well. The awarded wine was made using our own yeast culture specificaly cultivated by Prof. Ing. Fedor Malík, DrSc."