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Zlata radgonska penina rose, 2012 – World Champion of Vino Ljubljana 2018

16. 4. 2018
"The award-winning sparkling wine, produced by Radgonske gorice Gornja Radgona d.d., Slovenia is a result of professional work, investment in technology and, last but not least, investing in knowledge. In Radgonske gorice They and we have always followed the trends in the field of oenology. In recent years, we have been investing a lot and taking care for the development of knowledge, which I am especially grateful to the administration, that is, the director and, of course, the owners who enable us to be doing it. Above all, I am proud that this year's award-winning sparkling wine is a rose. Everyone who is involved in the production of sparkling wines knows that the production of rose sparkling wines  is somewhat more demanding compared to white sparkling wines production, which is why the title is even more important," says the oenologist of Radgonske gorice, Klavdija Topolovec Špur.