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Awarded Wines 2017

13 – 15 April 2018, Gospodarsko razstavišče

World Champions 2017:

White dry still wines
PETOVIONA d.o.o., Slovenia

Still natural sweet wines
SÄMLING 88, 2013

Rose still wines

Red dry wines
LEPOVO, Republic Of Macedonia

Sparkling wines
BOHEMIA SEKT, s.r.o., Czech Republic

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Ghislain K. Laflamme

President of Vinofed

The organisation of the International Wine Competition – Vino Ljubljana is one of the most efficient that I know. As the observer for Vinofed I am impressed by the measures taken to ensure that everything is done with integrity, impartiality and regularity.

The award-winning modules are based on the OIV requirements and the whole competition is verified by the representatives of the OIV and Vinofed so that the consumer can be sure that the wines getting medal have really been worth of this seal of quality.

The organisation team must be proud of this achievement. Vino Ljubljana is the oldest wine competition and is on its way to become the best from an international point of view considering the good choice of international judges and the number of participating countries.

Mr. Bojan Kobal

Kobal Sauvignon, 2016, Petoviona, Slovenia

The title World Champion at the 59th International Wine Competition – Vino Ljubljana means for every winemaker a pride, content and recognition. The title of the World Champion from such prominent evaluators and in such remarkable competition is priceless and one of the highlights in the winemaker's career.

A special value is given to this award, if you receive it at home, at the oldest evaluating and one of the most elite competitions in the world. This means for a winemaker the recognition on the Slovene and international market, and at the same time increased sales of not only the award winning wine, but also of the entire brand. Wine buyers at home and throughout the world trust not only a recognizable brand, but also the rewarded wines, especially if the title comes from such a selected wine competition, such as the Vino Ljubljana.

Guido Baldeschi, OIV

Head of Unit Oenology and Methods of analysis

It was a great pleasure for me to represent the OIV for the second year consecutive at the 59th International Wine Competition - Vino Ljubljana. This international competition confirms year after year to be extremely professional and, at the same time, very welcoming and friendly. Wine tasters taste in a suggestive place such as the Ljubljana Castle, in a proper big room where tasters can evaluate wines in a wonderful environment and perfect conditions. The organisation is just perfect: the reception of tasters, the organisation of the competition and the professionalism of all people involved in the competition. What can I say about the wines? In my opinion the quality of samples was very high, probably because the last vintages (2016 and 2015) were, on average, very good in all Europe. Vino Ljubljana proves that nowadays wine lovers and consumers have a large selection of different regions and terroirs because they can find high quality in every corner of the world. Slovenia is just the perfect example, its products have nothing to envy to other well-known regions and the quality of wines and the diversity of terroirs are just extraordinary. For the lovers of white wines Slovenia is a destination they can’t avoid, but red wines lovers will also find unexpected surprises, especially if they look for elegant and delicate wines. And then, if you end up in Slovenia, a glass of orange wine is mandatory and it will make you fall in love with this country!

Zoltan Zilai

Vice President of Vinofed

It is always exciting and honorific to be a judge at the oldest international wine competition of Europe. Vino Ljubljana is a member of Vinofed, the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions. As a delegated professional by Vinofed, this year I was asked to do a professional evaluation of the competition. I was happy to notice that just like in previous years; the organizers of the competition strictly followed the regulations. The tasting and judging the wines from 15 countries was performed with professional approach and the jury was very disciplined.

The venue and the professional conditions of the execution of the competition were worthy to the great tradition and the international reputation.

Congratulation for the Slovenian colleagues!

Mr. Hermann Fink


This award is a great honour for us, especially for our small family company. The experience that we have managed to get among the best in the international range with our sweet wine fills me with pride and encourages me to persist on this successful path.

Vino Ljubljana under the patronage of:

OIV – International Organisation of Vine and Wine
UIOE – International Union of Oenologists
VINOFED – World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions

59th International Wine Competition – Vino Ljubljana

  • 48 wine tasters from 15 countries
  • 430 wine samples from 19 countries

Results by countries 2017:

Država / Country Št. vzorcev / No. of wines CH VZL ZL SR
1 Argentina / Argentina 20 6 1
2 Avstrija / Austria 24 1 12
3 Bosna in Hercegovina / Bosnia And Herzegovina 2
4 Češka / Czech Republic 38 1 1 11
5 Črna gora / Montenegro 3 2
6 Hrvaška / Croatia 10 1 2
7 Italija / Italy 4
8 Japonska / Japan 9
9 Kanada / Canada 4 1 3
10 Luksemburg / Luxembourg 13 3
11 Nemčija / Germany 10 2
12 Republika Makedonija / Republic Of Macedonia 16 1 5
13 Romunija / Romania 36 1 9
14 Slovaška / Slovakia 45 8
15 Slovenija / Slovenia 135 1 6 38
16 Španija / Spain 6 5
17 Srbija / Serbia 5 2
18 Urugvaj / Uruguay 10 6
19 ZDA / United States 12 1 4
SKUPAJ / TOTAL 430 5 10 118 1