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  • In 2004 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the modern “Vino Ljubljana” competition
  • Wine competitions in Ljubljana have their roots in 1811, when the first “Tasting of Illyrian Wines” took place
  • The Fairground in Ljubljana organised the first exhibition and tasting of Slovenian wines back in 1926
  • We consider 1955 to be the year of the first modern international wine competition. That year the Ljubljana competition received the patronage of the International Office for Vine and Wine (OIV) that it still receives today
  • Since 1980 it has also had the patronage of the International Union of Oenologists (UIO)
  • When, in 1984, the elite World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits (VinoFed) was established, the Ljubljana competition was given the first presidency of this organisation for three years and permanent membership in it
  • Through time the International Wine Competition in Ljubljana has become a reference competition in all three international organisations responsible for sensory wine analysis – OIV, UIO and VinoFed, and it has always been a model to all other developing competitions in the world
  • The oldest foreign wine ever evaluated in Ljubljana was a Spanish wine from 1885. It was sent to the Ljubljana competition in 1969
  • In 1976 at the 54th OIV General Assembly in Ljubljana, the definition of an oenologist was adopted for the first time, together with his or her tasks, rights, duties and minimal educational requirements (OIV Resolution No. 7/76)
  • In the “Year of Wine”, more precisely on 30. October 1987 in Rome, the OIV granted Ljubljana the title “The City of Vine and Wine”
  • The International Wine Competition in Ljubljana was recognised in the Official Journal of the EEC No. C 289 of 17. November 1990, which enabled Ljubljana to start advertising and marketing the medals in the EEC and the EU.