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At the end of May 57th International Wine Competition Vino Ljubljana

22. 5. 2015
From Friday, 29 May, to Sunday, 31 May, GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is hosting 57th International Wine Competition Vino Ljubljana at the Ljubljana Castle. 40 tasters from 11 countries will be evaluating more than 300 wine samples from 21 countries, some of them coming from faraway Japan, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina etc.

Traditionally, Vino Ljubljana grants awards for the World Champion, Slovene Champion, Champion of the Wine-Growing District, Slovene Champion of an Individual Sort, trophies Vinofed, Tsukamoto, and Akos Asvany, Winner of Slovene Wine Curiosities and Great Gold Medal. The results of the 57th International Wine Competition will be known on Sunday, 29th May in the afternoon. 

The honorary sponsor of Vino Ljubljana 2015  is Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, and other partners are Tourism Ljubljana, Ljubljana Castle and Hotel Plaza.

International wine competition Vino Ljubljana is among ten foremost competitions in the world. From the very beginning it has enjoyed the expert sponsorship of the most important world organizations in charge of sensory analyses of wine: OIV - the International Organisation of Vine and Wine from Paris, France (since 1955), UIE - International Association of Oenologists from Paris, France (since 1980) and VINOFED – the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions (since 1994). 

Vino Ljubljana is organized according to OIV rules. Absolute anonymity of individual samples is guaranteed, and they are evaluated by worldly renowned tasters with technically the most advanced procedures. The 100-point method proposed by OIV in UIE is upgraded by descriptive assessments of all wine parameters (by profiling individual wine parameters and aroma descriptors), for which special computer software is used. Tasters are obliged to carry out all three phases of evaluation. Approximately 70% of samples at Ljubljana wine competition come from abroad and about 30% are domestic.

The event Vino Ljubljana started in 1955 and is considered the oldest international wine competition in the world. As the city of vine and wine, Ljubljana has been a very important wine-trading city since Middle Ages. Back in 1811, Ljubljana hosted a tasting of Illyrian wines, and the first wine exhibition was held in 1926, at the Ljubljana large-scale fair as part of the exhibition Ljubljana in Autumn. The predecessor of today’s event, the first Yugoslavian Wine Exhibition, was held in 1954. In 1976, the first general assembly of OIV was held in Ljubljana, when international wine competition was organized according to its rules for the first time. 

In 2014 revived event Vino Ljubljana is actually a compilation of two events with a years-long tradition: wine competition will be followed by the wine fair at the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre from 15 to 17 October. The award ceremony of the 57th International Wine Competition Vino Ljubljana where winners will be announced and receive medals and diplomas will be held at the opening of Wine Fair.

The 57th International Wine Competition Vino Ljubljana is closed for public, and we invite media representatives to visit the 57th International wine competition according to a previous arrangement in Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning. If you want to visit, please contact Ms. Marjana Lavrič, PR Manager at the GR: 041 236 912;