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Press release

22. 5. 2014
At today's press conference, the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre team, together with partners, presented in detail the contents of the revived Vino Ljubljana, which under this brand combines two events dedicated to wine and wine-drinking culture:

  • Vino Ljubljana - the 56th international wine competition (27 to 29 June 2014)
  • Vino Ljubljana - the 50th international wine fair (4 to 6 September 2014)

This year’s international wine competition, where wine producers with over 400 samples from 15 countries are expected, will take place at the Ljubljana Castle, and the opening of the wine fair with the announcement of the highest international competition awards is planned for the building of Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, just as was in 1955 the first international wine competition, which is renowned for being the oldest in the world. The event is being created in partnership with Tourism Ljubljana, which is logical because Slovenian capital has boasted the title ‘City of Vine and Wine’ since 1987, with Tourism in vineyard cottages, and with Tuš supermarket chain, which will take care of promotion and availability of awarded wines for the widest circle of consumers. Slovenian Ministry of agriculture and the environment is its honorary sponsor, with main sponsors of the 56th international competition being OIV – the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, and UIOE, International Union of Oenologists.

Ljubljana international wine competition Vino Ljubljana 
is the oldest international competition in the EU and in the world. The year 1955 is considered the first contemporary international wine competition, when Ljubljana competition was given the sponsorship of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), which it still has today. As  Borut Jerše, member of the event’s organizational committee, described its development, Vino Ljubljana gradually became a referential competition of all three world organizations responsible for the sensory analysis of wine - OIV, UIOE and VinoFed, and it has always been an example for other competitions developing worldwide. Iztok Klenar, president of this year’s evaluation, introduced the work of international boards and the course of evaluation marked by the highest professional level with consistently strict regard for international rules that has brought Ljubljana competition the highest international reputation on all continents.

This year, the competition will take place at the Ljubljana Castle which will give the event a special character. Matjaž Kovačič, the head of the Vino Ljubljana 2014 team, said that, based on applications so far, they expect participation of wine producers with over 400 samples from 15 countries. In addition to medals, the following special titles and diplomas will be awarded: World Champion, Trophy Tsukamoto, Diploma Akos Asvany, Country Champion, Slovene Champion, Champion of Slovene Wine-Growing District, Slovene Champion of An Individual Sort, and Winner Of Slovene Wine Curiosities. 

Vino Ljubljana - the international wine fair
is among the oldest fairs in Slovenia. The first Vino Ljubljana event took place in 1954. The fair has flourished, evolved, responded to the circumstances in wine growing and wine production, had its stellar moments and brought the names of Ljubljana and Slovenia abroad. With its 49 years it is certainly among the oldest wine fairs in Europe and in the world. As Iztok Bricl, M.Sc., director of the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, pointed out, they are convinced that Slovenia needs a wine fair for a new penetration among significant world's wine growing and wine producing countries. Wine fairs take place in virtually all European wine growing and wine producing countries. Due to the wine fair with its leading global evaluation of wines, excellent Slovenian wines and a hundred-year tradition of wine trade in Ljubljana, the capital won the flattering title ‘The City of Vine and Wine’ back in 1987. In the time of the fair, Ljubljana will live in the spirit of wine. Petra Stušek, M.Sc., acting manager of Tourism Ljubljana, said that Tourism Ljubljana together with caterers is reviving the Ljubljana wine road, and wine-producers will be able to arrange a special offer of their wines together with caterers. 

The basic components of the fair are wine, cuisine and gastronomy, catering and tourism, and culture. As Matjaž Kovačič, the head of the Vino Ljubljana 2014 team, pointed out, the GR are aware that the fair, in order to be successful, has to be the result of a close co-operation primarily with Slovene winegrowers and wine producers. Together with them they want to prepare the contents which will meet their expectations and satisfy the interests and desires of all categories of visitors. The fair is designed for general as well as business public.

A special emphasis will be laid on informing young people about the wine consuming culture.
The fair will be a place of exhibition, promotion as well as trade. Visitors will be able to taste and purchase all wines. Special selling points for awarded Slovenian wines will be in TUŠ supermarkets from September 2014 until February 2015.

ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM for visitors was presented by a team member Tjaša Marinko, who is in charge of planning the accompanying program of Vino Ljubljana fair: 

This project is aiming at informing young people about the consequences of alcohol abuse. They should know what they drink and that water always accompanies drinking wine, and they should know how to have fun with moderate ‘one glass’ drinking. It is necessary to evoke their interest in wine combined with food; the project wants to attract the youth to understand the role of wine as a periodical part of a balanced diet. Some student organizations (ŠOU, Š.E.F. club, Collegium etc.) joined the project.

A competition of Slovenian celebrities in the knowledge of wines and culinary specialities in front of an expert jury. The competition will be also informative for the public who will get acquainted with wine culture in an entertaining way. 

Life partners of successful Slovenian wine producers will introduce themselves and present their favourite combinations of food and wine. They will also speak of the more serious part of wine production which is known as a hardworking business and as a rule requires collaboration of all family members. 


In collaboration with the Festival of Tastes, there will be some top-level chefs, and attractive cooking shows will enrich the program.